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Конденсатоотводчик BEKOMAT 13

  • Конденсатоотводчик BEKOMAT 13
  • Производитель: BEKO TECHNOLOGIES
  • Код товара: 2000021
  • Доступность: На складе
  • 325 648 тг.

     During compressed air generation and processing, the optimum quality for the application should be achieved. It is important to remove contaminants and humidity from the compressed air as these can lead to quality problems, failures or loss of production.Condensate discharge without compressed air lossThe BEKOM AT® drains off condensate without loss of compressed air, thus reducing energy costs and CO2 emissions. This is made possible by the integrated capacitive sensor, smart electronics for volume-controlled condensate discharge and a proven pilot- controlled solenoid valve with a special discharge diaphragm.Suitable models for all applicationsThe standard model is made in corrosion-resistant aluminium, making the BEKOMAT® particularly reliable and sturdy. A special silver-coloured coating protects the outside of the housing. For oil-free or aggressive condensate, we recommend the BEKOMAT® hard coated models that come in a in a glass bead blasted housing with a high-grade hard coating

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